I Think I’m Having an Affair…


And if I am, I can only say it seems equal to cheating with the best friend. Not that I’d know first hand how that feels… 😡 Now that I have your attention, let me explain. In our sport, we [should]  have a solid support team that includes the mom figure who always believes in us, the coach (or at least plan), and the team of doctors who keep us healthy just to name a few. Of that last group, a soft tissue expert and skeletal expert should be included; these are our massage therapists (MTs) and chiropractors (chiros). I have those people, and I have more than one of each of them. Some even work together at a certain practice, while others are merely acquaintances. It’s because of that, I wonder if I’m cheating on anyone by laying on another therapists table. 
For my MTs, I have one who is a ultra distance triathlete. When I see her, I know I’m going home sore but with clear muscles. I also know that we’re going to talk the whole time I’m on the table on everything from anatomy and physiology, to my training and racing, to the unspoken stories from the weekend before. You know the old cliché of telling your barber/hair-person everything? Well that’s how this relationship goes. My other MT, well she has the aura of the MT most people think. Light music and candles in the room, chops your muscles when your done as well rings a bell for zen purposes. She’s just as knowledgeable, and has worked out plenty of kinks I develop through training, and I always end up passing out on her table and drooling (she doesn’t know the drool part; shhh). They’re two sides to the same coin it seems, but I’d never tell either of them, “Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been in; I’ve been seeing another MT.” In fact…I hope neither of them are reading this! 
For my physio docs, I’m honestly tied as to which I prefer. One practice I think of as more of a muscle work facility to restore RoM to my joints, and I’ve seen every doctor there. But that’s a whole other issue; everyone working together. Then the other office I see as more chiro oriented. Both have the same tables, and I’ve had very very similar work done at both, but I feel bad. Even more so when I see one of my doctors and get asked, “So what are they up to over at _____?” If I could blush I would…and I’m caught just short of being speechless. It’s just an awkward situation. 

So…do you have these people in your sporting life? And if you do, because you really should, do you have more than one doc or therapist you see…and then feel guilty about when you see the other? Maybe I should just set up some sort of physio-Olympics, and let both practices compete, then only see the winning team. I don’t know, so for now I’ll just have to keep my visits a secret from the other, and deal with my uncomfortable situations as they arrive. 

2 thoughts on “I Think I’m Having an Affair…

  1. i don’t have these people in my life…… wish i did, but i don’t. I am too cheap to pay for MT’s though i will go ‘maybe’ once a year. if you are paying for the service, it ain’t cheatin’.

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