Getting Caught Up: ITU San Diego RR

Today is really the first day I’ve been able to sit down to write, and it’s about time since there’s two race reports I need to get out. Two and a half really, if we can count 2 missed races from being sick. But back at it hard now, and pretty quickly adding to my race resume. Here’s RR #1, and I promise to be caught up on RRs before I leave for Rev3 Quassy in 10 days

After about 2 weeks of being sick and missing 1 tri and a 5k, I had 5 days of solid training before heading out to San Diego for the ITU event being put on out there. Sadly…even though it was an ITU event, it was NOT a draft legal event, which was the whole reason I signed up for the event in the first place. A LOT changed from the day registration opened and I signed up, but it was still a fun event. Fun except that I tore my old wetsuit straight across the seam at the calf. It’s been sent off to the company to see (prove) that it wasn’t my fault, but a defect. There was no PR, but there was a fun 18%+ 3 mile climb I got to hammer up twice, so maybe it was good I brought my road bike. The event had a lot wrong with it though, and I’m putting that on the RD and not ITU, but that just makes me more excited to get back to Rev3 races like Quassy in just under 2 weeks! I learned a few fun facts that weekend though:

I rode back on the plane with the Bennetts, and Laura snagged the last female spot on the US Olympic team. Even with that kind of talent and prowess, she was very appreciative of being congratulated and wished luck. NO ego there, and Greg loved my “If your relationship works…You’re not training hard enough” shirt.

I don’t need a watch; I can execute the race the way I need to without all the data.

Switching from a TT bike to a roadie without a transition period leaves you sore for half a week.

No one in San Diego understands “Excuse me” when you’re trying to get around, not does anyone say please or thank you. That I missed about the south.

The ocean, or at least the bay we swam in, was far saltier than any ocean swim I’ve done on the east coast.

Helmets on bikes are optional…Not during the race, but around town. I realize that you’re on a beach cruiser and you’re only going like 7 miles an hour, but you’re still on a bike you jackass. Put on the brain bucket.

My BlueSeventy toe warmers kept my body thinking I was warm even though it wasn’t coming out of the ~63* water and onto the bike before the sun was out. That’s important, because I LOATHE cold; hell, I hate just being slightly chilled.

My Pearl Izumi cycling shoes are AWESOME! Even more so because they’re pretty much glow in the dark. The PI Iso Transition shoes are fantastic too. Straight out of the box, with only one run logged in them before the race, and no issues. If anything, my feet were more comfortable more than they ever have been in a race.

PowerBar PowerGels are delicious, and they’re amazing at pulling you out of low spots when your focus and energy is fading(that’s what happens when you lose 2 gels on the first lap of the bike).

Post race I put my Swiftwick Aspire 12 socks while I stood around and watched the men, and my calves didn’t complain at all about the race.

The coolest thing about the weekend out in Cali? Getting to watch the elite races where the last of the Olympic team spots were filled. I didn’t get to watch the women’s race, but did watch the whole men’s. I have videos of the elite men’s race, but WP won’t let me upload them without paying to upgrade 😡 Here’s some pics of my race:





















RR #2 for PIT com in up in a couple days

One thought on “Getting Caught Up: ITU San Diego RR

  1. Good write up. Very cool that you rode back on the plane w/ the Bennetts!

    I saw your PTI results from yesterday – OUTSTANDING work!

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