The Louder the Better: Pearl Izumi Tri Review

Being part of the Rev3 AG team has its perks, one being our awesome sponsors. Pearl Izumi is the apparel sponsor for the Rev3 team this season. PI’s gear is unlike any other training apparel I’ve ever worn, and that makes this year’s kit very hard to not wear for every session…which is why I’ve spent a pretty decent amount of cash (even with our elite discount) on training gear. That and the fact that I was tired of only having 2 pairs of cycling shorts, 3 tri tops, 3 pairs of tri shorts, and a couple unis. When you think about it, that’s not a lot of gear for 15-25 hours of training each week. The material seems heavy, thick almost, but doesn’t get heavy no matter how much I sweat, and keeps me really cool. There was no break in period with the kit either; no chafing or pinching or anything annoying like that when I put on the gear straight from the box it was delivered in. Not only do they have some serious legit training wear, but they have some of the favorite footwear too. While not everyone will admit this, having a matching kit is important. Don’t believe me? Go look at the pros; they match from shoes to helmet to bike. So let me dote on the shoes…

My tri cycling shoes before I upgraded to PI were LGs. Nothing wrong with them, but I had done some damage. A crash here and there, lots of being thrown around, and at least one ride where I had sliced my foot open (in T1 Rev3 Knox 2011) but didn’t know, so I dyed them red, and you can see that I a new pair was a good idea. As soon as PI was announced as your sponsor, I bought a pair of the Tri Fly IV Carbon shoes. If you’ve never had carbon soled cycling shoes before, they’re amazing. You can tell immediately that you’re wearing a stiffer sole and losing less power in each pedal stroke. Add to the fact that they’re pretty much neon-glow-in-the-dark, and you’ve put a huge smile on my face. Image

Then we have the IsoTransition running shoes. I have pretty bullet-proof feet, so I can run in anything without any problems, but I’ve never put on a pair of racing flats and said, 
“Oh wow…” These shoes just hug your feet, and with the amazing sock-liner their guts are incased with, there’s zero hot spots or pinches. I’ve even caught myself wearing them after a session while leaving my bedroom shoes sitting in the corner they’re so comfortable. They also come with elastic laces, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about buying and fitting into the shoe. The 9mm heel-toe offset works well too wether you’re doing track work landing on your toes (almost) or tempo runs landing just behind the ball of your foot. I’m a huge fan.Image

I can’t think of anything bad to say about any of the PI gear I’ve used, so I’ll just say thank you to PI for making such kickass products!

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