I know I said I’d write my RR about Peachtree International Triathlon, the SE Regional qualifier, before Quassy…but that didn’t exactly happen. Instead; I’ll give you a quick version and type out Rev3 Quassy tomorrow or at least by Wednesday.
There’s nothing really exciting in my race report for PIT anyway. The event was great. The swim was long, but I’m ok with that. I had raced ITU SD the week before, and whether from the road bike geometry or the fact that the crank on Alle has an extra 2.5 cm, I ran out if the water sore. As in my legs hurt. That was a first. Rolling bike course, a little challenging though (you’ll never hear me complain a course is too hard). Run was flat, though it held three tunnels out, and you returned back through those same three tunnels… I don’t do tunnels. Enough said. The fatigue showed as I ran a ~45, which was almost 4 full minutes slower than out in SD. I left minutes after crossing the line, skipping results and the awards. Even with that run (read: crawl), I finished 3rd in my age group, netting me another qualification for Age Group Nats in August (now sold out btw). I got home, passed out, and woke up feeling as if I had somehow frozen time and slept long enough to recover and absorb all the training and racing (and overcome illness and post-bike wreck injury) of the few weeks before.
PIT is a big race, being the SE Regional Championship, but didn’t pull everyone it could because Memphis in May was the day after. Or maybe the same day… Either way MiM is an elite qualifier race, so the big boys head that way instead. I plan on going that way next year too, but that’s the only glimpse of next season’s schedule anyone is getting right now.

My warm up was literally throwing my bike onto the rack, grabbing my wetsuit, running back to the rack to grab my chip, then yanking the ‘life-jacket’ on… I wasn’t exactly calm
Yes; those are toe warmers. They’re worn almost year round. I’d say they’re for aerodynamics…but unless it’s 75* or hotter…
Why does my leg look so ridiculously out of proportion?!
Here’s the awards. Mine is lost in USPS…btw; USPS has now lost 3 things shipped to me. Maybe we should go back to stagecoaches and ponies. I’m pretty sure they got shiz done in their day
I don’t know her, but I always peruse race photos in hopes of uncovering a gem such as this. There’s so many captions I can come up with, but I’ll let you come up with your own. *for all I know; no one crashed/was injured during the event*

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