For a Little Entertainment

I’ve been kinda out of it the last week or so. I blame it mostly on being sick, thanks to spending time near my little brothers and their school germs they brought home for summer. I blame myself a little too though. Five hours of training, to cap off a long week and suppress my immune system more than normal, then straight into those little walking petri dishes (I swear I like them a little)… So I guess it is a little my fault. Anyway. While I spent six days on my couch, even scrapping a race, I did find ways to entertain myself.

I rediscovered video games. Gotham City Impostors stole a lot of my time, but seeing as walking to the bathroom was a pain, I’m ok with that. Check it out, and if you have a PS3, download and play. *Disclaimer* Im not responsible for anything you neglect while this game sucks you in.


I also cam across Snorg Tees. I freakin’ love t-shirts, and I pretty much live in them. These tees are funny, but a few of them are funny because they make you think. And there’s quite a few jokes only the closet nerds and those who speak l33t. There’s some sweet hats too. Here’s a few of my favorites…majorly cut down from the 80+ screen shots I captured. And all the ‘questionable’ ones removed…damn moral compass. Not to say you couldn’t look through the site yourself and find the really funny chicken and the egg one ;-x


Yeah…I’m going to have to order this one
How G4 only ranked Conta as #60 of the greatest video games of all time I don’t understand
This is why everything is typed now and we have auto-correct
A hat and a beard?!

I know you grinned at those. At least once. Happy Tuesday!!

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