Impromptu Vacation [of sorts]

Remember how last week I told you about how I was sick? Well after recovering for the most part, and a few long[er than needed and long enough to make my coach scowl at me] sessions to get my head clear again, I decided to head down to the beach. My mom and little brothers were already there, and my dad would be down there for a day before I had to head back. I figured after a week of being a hermit inside my apartment, a few days with the big FU (family unit) in the sand, sunshine, and ocean (and in the middle of a few bikinis) would be good for me. So I headed down to the south GA coast and the islands.

Maybe I have misinterpreted the definition of vacation, but for me the week I spent at the beach included quite a few hours of unstructured training. While still waking up pretty early to ride around a few of the islands or spending an hour swimming laps when the ocean can be seen from the guest room window may not seem like a vacation to you, it is for me. Remember, I started endurance sports after my wreck as a way to quiet my mind. It’s therapeutic. During the times I wasn’t training, it was beach time. And by beach time, I mean laying in a chair in a pool of your own sweat. I did get a chance to hangout with my two oldest little brothers out in the water on paddle boards, and took the youngest one out in a kayak (both activities I of course entered into TrainingPeaks as cross-training 🙂 Paddle boarding is awesome btw. If you haven’t tried it and get a chance, absolutely jump at the opportunity. I’ve already screened through eBay and CraigsList postings for a board. I’m curious as to if I could paddle around the pond down the street…though I’m relatively sure I’d get arrested…

I spent a week down there, and got a chance to run in a small 5k with my brother. The only caveat was all the runners had to be 13 (yeah; I don’t know why either), and my brothers 12. Not to mention he’s run the Polar Bear 5k with me the last three years on top of ironkids a couple years. Anyway…we (mom, Davis, me) headed down Tuesday morning, and reminded Davis that he was THIRTEEN. We stood around holding onto our warmup for about 15 minutes waiting for the race to start, and my mom pointed out that I was getting…strange looks… Pearl Izumi IsoTransition shoes, PI shorts, PowerBar Team Elite hat, GARMIN and HRM (for the record I wasn’t the only one wearing their HRM)… Yeah it’s a have-fun-no-pressure race, but I’m still going to dress out and I want my data (type A much?!). Plus the ink spotting my body…I guess I did stick out a bit. Anyway; out and back, totally flat, 1200% humidity at 8am; as if there’s a better way to spend one’s morning that ~20:00 of suffering!!

“If you ain’t first, you’re last!”
The kid in the sunnies is Davis. This is the only picture he’ll be in…
This is a pretty solid race pic. I think I was owed this after my new license pic
“Umm…I think I just won…”

I wish I had more pictures, especially of my brother running, but they pulled him at the turn around. There were kids running who couldn’t have been more than six years old, and they obviously raised suspicion. The…race director(?)…started asking kids how old they were. Davis blurted out, “Twelve…”, and they pulled him. Luckily he just jogged past the turn around and back to the house, but I really do wish he’d had finished anyway. “unofficially” or whatever. I chased the [unneeded] police car back to the start for first OA. Not a PR or a super fast time, but I did learn what being in the front is like. I like it…I’m going to have to make a habit out of it.

Funny thing #1 about the race: the aid station at the turn around and start/finish was super fancy. Glass (or maybe crystal) carafes of ice water, real glasses and dining wear. Why? Because it’s Sea Island.

FT #2: At the aid station at the turn around, I was handed a full bottle of water. I almost stopped and asked, “What am I supposed to do with this?!” Not being snooty, but I don’t just wanna chuck a barely used plastic water bottle on the side of the road.

FT #3: The swag for winning was a bottle of body wash. I’m not complaining (it was used), but if you know anything about Sea Island, it’s kinda funny. SI used to be really snobbish, but as the old generation moves out and the younger one moves in, you see more tattoos and grunge beach clothes around the pool versus Polo brand gear and perfectly groomed mustached men in tuxedos with top hats and canes (not really, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all). The soap was almost as if a subtle, “Congrats on your run! But you’re all sweaty and in shorts that aren’t khaki, so you go clean up before anyone else sees.”

Anyway; I left the perfect weather, beaches, and waves today. I drove back to ATL and was greeted by hotter temps and thunderstorms, which made me almost turn around. Almost…except that I fly out to Portland tomorrow for Rev3 Portland on Sunday, so follow the action here!!! There’s a STACKED pro field too, so I guess you can watch them too 😉 You can even win an entry to next year’s race if you go comment on the post on the Rev3 Facebook page by correctly guessing the top three men and women. Get to it and wish me luck for Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Impromptu Vacation [of sorts]

  1. You failed to mention the money bingo at the “big house”, the sandwich you ignored at the Spa pool and the swim/runner girl at the 5k you told to buy a bike and become a triathlete. Btw D rode his bike 8miles today.

  2. I can’t believe they would pull kids off the course!! What a bad example to set for aspiring young athletes. Plus, even the AAU has an age group reserved for 8-and-unders…

    And I hope the “family unit” reference comes from “Raising Arizona” — at least it did growing up in my family…

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