“…mirror image of last year…”

That was the important part of the comment I made to my coach yesterday when I finished my race, a local[ish] sprint triathlon. This was the fourth event in the Tri The Parks Series here in Georgia, but the first of the series I raced having skipped two earlier events with some illnesses. These races are always fun. You get to check out the local talent, and how they’re progressing in their season since it always seems to be the same top 10 athletes. And you know each of them is expecting to improve their time from the last season, including myself, which is why the sentence the title of this post was said with a little more than just irritation. 

I won’t write a in depth RR for this race. I swam hard in my blueseventy PZ3TX, rode Cassia hard enough that I spent a few minutes out of gears (I REALLY need a bigger cassette), and ran in my PI IsoTransitions through the woods and up the one ‘hill’ through the finishing chute for 13th OA and a repeat AG win fueled on a PowerBar Gel taken when I arrived on site and the bike start. The funny thing, is all my splits were within just a couple seconds here and there of last year’s. ….boo. I should be getting faster! So I complained to my coach that I wasn’t any faster and he had some explaining to do!

“I don’t have to. Look at your last 6 weeks.”

[looks at calendar starting June 1st]

(grumble*grumble) “Oh….”

[Texts coach back]

“Five races in 7 weeks…imma shut up now”


The race block was on purpose, and now I get ready to peak at Nationals (AG and Sprint) in three weeks. I think a big part of my ability to keep my splits consistent after such a heavy load is thanks to some of my awesome Rev3 sponsors, especially these babies! Now it’s back into them, getting ready for this week’s super special delivery (secrets secrets are SO MUCH FUN), and onto my Nationals! What happens there…well I guess I’ll just have to see how strong my peak is \\m//

Penny for your thoughts...

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