I’m Going to Have to Invest in Some Sunscreen…

…because in about 4.5 months, I’m moving to Jacksonville!! This post really does deserve to be longer, but still buzzing too much to put my thoughts in order. I’ll give you the quick and dirty version while I sit in my NormaTec boots.

A few months back, I Google-d schools with sports science programs, and The University of North Florida came up with quite a few other schools. Along with kinesiology, they also have a psychology program, which I’ve said is what I want to do long term. What branch of psychology is still up for debate; at the moment I’m reading and watching a lot on criminal psych. We’ll see. What I have done to get ready is this… I know I can train pretty much year-round without whining about the fact that it’s 12* outside; research their athletics (there will be a tri team by the end of my first year, or I’ll at least be on the XC and/or swimming teams. The Hammerhead Tri club is down there too); found a map of campus that to me reads, “LOOK AT ALL THESE PLACES TO SWIM, BIKE, AND RUN ALL ON CAMPUS!!”; realized that I can not slack on school and sport if I stay on a schedule (‘Hi; I’m Joshua, a 23 year old who has a strict 10pm bedtime’ ;). Good times to come fo’ sho’! And I’m so close to the beach! How could that be a bad thing (keep your negative answers to yourself!)?!

Just look at that beautiful…ocean. Yeah; that ocean where I’ll have lots of time to swim. That’s what I wanted to show you in this picture 😉

6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Have to Invest in Some Sunscreen…

  1. AWESOME news!

    And….um…..the beach doesn’t look quite that nice here, but the other “scenery” does 😉

  2. Congrats on the big decision!!! I was a Psych undergrad and absolutely loved all of the course material – hope you find your niche!

  3. Much love for the Hammerhead Tri Club. When I was training for my first full, I contacted them, made the trip to FL and they set me up with all day SBR.

    Big congrats on this new journey!

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