CMT [Disease] Awareness

No; that’s not a shout out to make you listen to more country music, which is still the first thing I think when I hear CMT. I’m talking about a degenerative nerve disease, Charot-Marie-Tooth Disease, that up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know excited. That struck me as slightly odd seeing as it affects 1 in 2500 people, making it somewhat of a common issue. This post is to raise that awareness. I’m not asking for anything more than you click the link above and read a bit on the disease.

I lucked out in getting in contact with Donna last month who hooked me up with a CMT tech shirt. Donna has CMT, but is competing in triathlon and pushing her limits despite it. Think about that. Your nerves are no longer carrying your impulses to your muscles, but you’re still pushing yourself to compete in numerous endurance events. Kudos to Donna, and to all those fighting to live a full life with the disease. You can follow Donna on twitter at @Donna_De and on her blog at

Penny for your thoughts...

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