Rev3 SC RR; Year 2

Last weekend I raced my favorite olympic distance triathlon, Rev3 Anderson. With it’s course over rolling hills and separate transitions, this course keeps you honest.

Pre-race was normal; check in the bike, rest up, blah blah. I wont bore you with that, so lets get to the race.


The Half Rev event was the featured event the pros were racing, and the olympic event was the South Eastern Collegiate Triathlon Club Championship, making this a pretty stacked event. My wave was scheduled to go off an hour after the pros, and 10 minutes behind the first collegiate wave, so I donned my blueseventy Helix and headed to towards the water. This suit let me have the best swim I’ve had to date. Even with the longer split, I kept my swim the strongest I’ve had in a race. The swim was long, guys I normally race who swim sub-20 were swimming 22s or higher. Even so, with my Helix wetsuit I made sure that those guys only finished less than 4 minutes faster than me, less of a buffer than the last race we all competed in that was only a 600yard swim. Thats huge.


A quick T1, and I headed out on Dixie, by Quintana Roo CD.01.

This course keeps you honest, especially because you start out in the small chainring, and cant really open it up until mile 2 or so into the ride. I kept my Reynolds STRIKE wheelset on, because they just feel faster than my disc and 808, and they proved to be as I pulled into T2 minutes faster than I had the year prior.

Fast turn, and off to the run; a quick out and back that follows the same course as the half.


My new Pearl Izumi IsoTransitions had me running a hard 10k, and even added a little extra perk to this leg of the race. Around the olympic run mile 2 marker, Bozzone and Richie Cunningham ran by me on their way to finish their 13.1 mile run. The cool part is that I got to run stride for stride with them…for like 3 strides. At the turn around, the guy who I had been pacing the bike with made up the couple of seconds I gained on him in transition. I stayed a half-step behind him until the last mile, when he started to pull away on the downhills, and my Vastus medialis were threatening to cramp. Even so, Powerbar got my through the finishing chute in 6th OA non-collegite, 26th OA including the collegiate athletes.


After a stop in the NormaTec booth and lunch, I grabbed my Age Group medal that fits perfectly into my finishers medal (Rev3 is the best swag ever), and headed home.


Next stop is a quick sprint race in Tallahassee, and then the season ends November 11th in Miami. I always finish my season on my birthday [weekend], and what better way to celebrate, and end my time in the 20-24 age group than 4 hours of pain?!

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