Our NPO: Sneaker Savior

The triathlon season is over, and I know that I have a couple pair or sneakers on my shelf that I ran through over the past 9 months. Those shoes would just collect dust, or maybe I’d get around to dropping them off at a running store like a baby on a doorstep with a note pinned on. Neither of those options do much more than get the weathered kicks out of my place, and for me, that’s not ok. My used shoes are going to Sneaker Savior, and from there they’ll find new feet to wrap along a new path.

While the actual non-profit was an idea sparked by my car wreck, coma, and subsequent miracle 4+ years ago, Sneaker Savior has slowly come together over the past year. As it says in the website,

“SneakerSavior is a non-profit organization that uses your gently used “sneakers” to bring persons together through sports and team work, while spreading the Word of God.”

Or, another way of saying we take shoes that are still wearable to people, kids and adults, in at-risk areas who don’t have access or means to get a solid pair of sneaks, and then unite these people through healthy activities while sharing how there’s more to their life than the way they’ve been living lately.

I invite each of you to check out the site, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and send us all the sneakers you have laying around your closets from the countless miles we’ve covered. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email with any questions here! Or if you have my email anyway, that works too 🙂

Home Page: http://www.SneakerSavior.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SneakerSavior

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SneakerSavior

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