Too Long…

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I wrote anything here, which is WAY TOO LONG. Take solace that I’m writing though; Ive already said I wanted to be “for real” published for the 3rd time in 2013. This post isn’t about the handful of stories I’m writing; instead, it’s about changes.

Change one is I’m officially moved into my place and ready for day one of class in Jacksonville Florida at UNF! It was 77* this afternoon..HELL. YEAH. Tomorrow I’m planning on hitting the FL DMV which has a office maybe a mile up the road from me. So, plans going as they should, I’ll have Florida residence as of tomorrow!

Número dos is that I can’t run… For now. And it’s been a long time since I’ve been injured, and not just hurt or really sore. My 1st metacarpal and cuniform have decided they want to be all but fused, plus my plantar facia and all the foot and tibal ligaments are being pissy. I’ll take the few days off though since the last 3 weeks of running everyday have turned my easy pace to around 7:20 +/- :10. And after 2 weeks (this is kinda number trè) I’m back on my bike after surgery…I’d prefer not to talk about that one :).

All I want for Christmas, Santa, is to run again!! And to start training or at least messing around on the bike and in the pool with the UNF TRI team soon. I’ll take the breaks, it is the transition season after all, just let me hit my April A-race and race my ass off to qualify for Worlds!!

There’s your hint for next year, but that’s all your getting for now. I’m ready to start really structured training again. And to race…and to finish since the 13.1 last Sunday was cut short by my arch and ankle collapsing at mile 5.5. Everything seems right at the moment; all seems complete. I’m ready for what God has set before me for 2013.

Penny for your thoughts...

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