2013 #1

What a super original title; right?! Sorry…I’m slightly cranky today. However, being the first day of the new year, it seemed fitting that I post at least a small update.

So I’m irked. It’s been just over 2 weeks since I’ve been able to run thank to whatever happened at the Jacksonville Bank Half-Marathon. TWO. WEEKS. NO. RUNNING. Put me in a straight jacket now. There’s been days it’s been better, and worse, and at the moment we’re on the worse side. Last night, New Year’s Eve, I was walking to bed, excited about a long ride I had planned for today, when more snaps and pops than I could count rattled up my arch, ankle, and lower leg. I then spent the rest of last night and most of today staring at my now bad ankle yelling, “WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” It is not amused not does it care.

If you know me, you know I’m a silver linings guy. I have found a kick-ass group to swim with down here, and after logging somewhere around 12k of swimming my first couple sessions back, I can’t really tell I was out of the water for over 2 months thanks to that SUV in Miami and the resulting injuries of me t-bone-ing it. I have doctor (like MD docs at this point) appointments all week, and I’m actually going to ask if an X-ray/MRI is needed, which I’ll gladly hop (one footed) to as fast as I can. School starts Monday, and I’m pretty stoked about that too.

So that’s a bit of what’s going on. Pray for my foot/ankle, and that I find the doctors down here that I need. March and April are VERY important months, and I need to be healthy in order to reach them 😉

Penny for your thoughts...

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