Underwater Musings

“I wonder if Aquaman just chats along with the fish while he’s swimming around…”

Thanks to water’s amazing ability as a medium to sound, and the numerous numbers of embarrassing songs on my iPod, I’m left alone with just my thoughts and my heartbeat for almost an hour each day. Above is one thought that’s entered my head during a swim. After reading a friend of mine’s post about being asked by family what she thinks about in the pool for hours on end, I thought I’d share what I think about. Or at least what I thought about today during my 3×1000 set, because if you swim you know that during the short fast sets, nothing but making sure you don’t drown enters your mind. So, basically in order, here’s what I thought about today, and during a normal pool swim.

My stroke technique. While during strokes other than free, and during drills, I really focus on what I’m doing and special awareness, during the majority of the time it’s more on the periphery of my thoughts. “Don’t cross your midline.” “Fingers pointed down.” “Is my kick pattern matching my stroke?” “Make sure you get full extension before you start to pull.” That’s a few of the thoughts about form that dance around my thoughts like sugarplums while I swim. Next…and this should be REAL surprising…

Girls. As of late, it’s been what a girl I’m kind of seeing and I are going to doing that night. A lot of the time it’s of the female lifeguards who’s eyes I catch while I glide along in my obnoxious speedos (this week is tuxedo speedo week). And then there’s what I’ll say to them as I leave, yet only once have the cute ones been at the front desk when I finally dry off and head out. The pseudo-drowning scene from ‘The Sandlot’ plays in my head too, and makes me wonder if I could pull it off 🙂

Music. Lots and lots of music. Today it was ‘Tornado’ by…Little Big Town maybe? That sounds right. Usually however, it’s something like Hadaway’s ‘What is Love?’ THOSE are the ones that keep me from wearing an underwater mp3.

Next, though this one jumps around in its ranking, is the people in my lane, the lane over, or even the ones who are afraid to jump in or ask to join. I don’t care if I’m doing kick drills and your using paddles and fins; I’m going to work until battery acid is in my veins trying my best to pass you. Even if you’re 4 lanes over. Maybe that’s the trick of how I’ve come to love swimming finally. I made each set a competition. …a competition that the damn 13year old girls on their high school swim team beat me at on a regular basis…

Lastly, or that I’ve noticed, is what lap I’m on. And that right there is probably why I have trouble counting higher than 7… A trick I’ve found is that I count backwards with each breath. For example, during my 1000s today, I started at 20, and each stroke I’d recite, “20(stroke) laps(breathe)”.

That’s what goes through my head. Most of it. Though every now and then I think of something really funny or catch a glimpse of the aqua-aerobics and laugh. Laughing under water…not funny. Not if it’s you. So that’s my brain-potpourri when I’m swimming, and maybe I’m weird and normal folks don’t think at all, but instead listen to the dull woosh of the water around them. Idk…I’m not Miss Cleo.

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