Injury Brings Misery…and Funny Stories

Unless you’re totally avoiding me on social media (which I really would t blame you for), you’ve seen my whining about being injured. Not hurt; as triathletes we always have a bit of soreness hanging around, even it’s just from the gorge-fest occurring after stopping at the grocery after a 4-hour ride. I’m not hurt, but injured; been told that I CAN NOT do certain things. Have you met me? I don’t do no’s well. But alas…in the long term I must heed my doctors’ warnings and avoid running. In my favorite discipline’s wake, I’ve learned about all sorts of funny machines at the gym/student wellness center I’ve always avoided. That’s right I’ve become an elliptical-er.

I pause to give you time to laugh at me, especially those of you that are as deep into this sport as I am. I believe it’s those of you that will truly understand my pain. Or atleast the pain of my bruised ego while I ‘stride’ here, right now, on this machine (that is either an elliptical or stair-master; all I know is that it has a tv) in the UNF gym. It’s even so brilliantly placed that I’m facing the indoor track, watching people jog along, silently boding me to just jump onto the track regardless of the damage I’d inflict on my already injured lower right leg. If nothing else, being on this machine 3x a week has taught me humility. And which machine is at the correct angle to watch the ‘girl’ squat racks, so named because they have less weights and I’ve yet to see a guy over there (except to be shot down). By the way…have I told you about my love of yoga pants? Screw sliced bread…

So here I am, slowly healing whatever happened to my ankle/arch. Right now we believe it’s a combination of ligament elasticity loss, which my plantar facia tried to compensate for, until the whole structure failed. At least I’m moving in running-like motions again. Three weeks into the injury, and every day I step out of bed praying I can run again. Hopeless optimism. Or stubbornness. Either way, feel free to laugh with and at me while I’m on this thing.

Penny for your thoughts...

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