That’s the MRI I was handed today. Remember 5+ weeks ago when I had to pull out of the Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon right past the 5 mile mark thanks to some foreign, yet completely debilitating pain? Then how over the next 10 days or so I saw PTs, until I finally broke down and saw a sports medicine doc who (very quickly turned it into a pissing contest) argued against my thought that it was a stress fracture, stating that, ‘…there’s nothing in the X-ray to make me think it’s a stress fracture…’ Those of you who know about stress fractures or who have been through one to ahead and yell, “WHY DIDN’T YOU RUN AWAY TO ANOTHER DOCTOR?!?!?” Those that don’t know, stress fractures rarely show on X-rays, and require MRIs. But…the point is, I just grinned and nodded when he described my pain as ‘loose tendons and ligaments’, and prescribed 4 weeks of twice a week PT.

Fast forward to last week, when in PT, they had to attempt to run. Maybe 3 minutes into an EASY jog, all the symptoms from the initial injury presented again, including the next 3 days of me being hardly able to walk, (followed by a 96 hour virus that had me and my couch meld together). Fast forward again to a podiatrist, and an MRI, and guess what…IT’S FREAKIN STRESS FRACTURES!!! PLURAL!! Basically, the inside of your calcaneus (heel bone) is…spongy and soft to allow for vessels and so on. Mine, is at the breaking point from the inside out the entire length of the bone. Why? Repetitive motion, biomechanics, LOTS of other stuff. When did it start…looking back…honestly probably in November. But it was nowhere near anything that made me say anything besides, “Huh…that’s an odd feeling.” Also was never an issue after a trip to the chiro who made sure everything was moving right and in line. But, here we are now, with this…for at least the next 4 weeks…


So I’ll be swimming a lot. A. LOT. No running, jumping, or even cycling or kicking with fins. I’m not a heel striker, at all, so it has to be a product of flexion and pressure exerted by the rest of my lower extremity bones. If I’m a one sport guy for a while, I’ll live. I have goals for later in the year, and the if something similar to the next picture happens, then those goals are rendered moot now. So wish me luck! …and lots of patience.


4 thoughts on “THE BOOT

  1. Oh wow! I”m sorry to hear this – but at least you now know what it is! AND at lest you have the pool!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery man, that sucks!

    I had a stress fracture in my foot two years ago, they are hard to see on an x-ray so I had the MRI as well. Frustrating stuff, but you’ll back, at least you can swim!

  3. I am so very sorry you are dealing with this. I was there last year. Take care of your hips. I struggled with some imbalances–find the correct other shoe is really important. Bones DO heal in a straightforward way if you do what the Dr. Says. Sorry again. Hopefully you will grow some serious gills!

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