Crutches, Goggles, and Black Lines Galore!!

I remember when I loathed swimming. I’d swim almost exclusively at races the first year and a half I found this wonderful sport. The boot has definitely put a bit of a damper on my training, training on dry land anyway…

I’m incapable of just sitting around, so I’ve dedicated the next 4 (3 weeks now) to becoming a better swimmer. This week, that was somewhere between 11-12 hours staring at the black line; you understand that after a certain point, remembering when exactly you jumped in becomes impossible to recall. This week’s total distance is 36,100 meters, or 22.43 miles, or about a mile and a half short of the RedBull Stratos Jump. A couple of bests, and a new base line, and now everyone that works in the AC knows me. Though that may be because of my obnoxious suits…or maybe jut because I’m the guy who spends as much time there as a part-time employee. Either way, good things are coming of this single sport training. Even if the trip back to my car on crutches after 2 hours of swimming is a cruel joke.

On a somewhat related note, seeing as I’m in the pool as much as I am, I’m thinking of doing some kind of fundraiser. I don’t know what, or why, or how to go about getting people interested (I feel like watching me swim isn’t all that entertaining), but I’m open to ideas!!

4 thoughts on “Crutches, Goggles, and Black Lines Galore!!

  1. are you rocking the shimmer suit?? that’s the important question here…
    looks like you are making the best use of your time while “booted”! I could use more time in the pool myself but don’t want to jinx anything-

    Happy Healing Josh!

  2. Wow! Now, that is some dedication in the pool! 🙂 You’ll probably have the best tri season ever once you heal!

  3. After an accident I was only allowed to swim for 6 months…I understand your pain/frustration/loathing for the black line. However, I too made it a goal to become a better swimmer, learn flip turns and have the most efficient stroke (I wasn’t a swimmer before I started doing triathlons). Now I am posting top swim times in my triathlons… it was a love/hate relationship.

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