The Best Laid Plans…

…are what God laughs at. Or something like that. Here it is March, and all triathlon training has been greatly stymied. No running since December of last year, only a handful of bike sessions, and a solid 4 week swimming block of 45000-52000 weekly distance. And then a week spent solely on the couch in the fetal position. NOT an ideal beginning to 2013 and my 5th year into endurance sports. But lets rewind a bit.

Back in mid-December I moved to Jacksonville, and jumped right into the running scene with the Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon. My run fitness was higher than it’d ever been, and I was clipping along when mile 5 came up and there was a gut-wrenching pain that shot through my foot. DNF-ed, actually had to be driven back. Saw a doc the next week, and while I knew he was wrong when he basically told me that I was wrong, and he was a doctor, and he knew it was absolutely not a stress fracture, I went along with his course of action. 5 weeks later and an MRI later, ordered by the brilliant Dr Reddy, I was diagnosed with multiple stress fractures all along my right calcaneus. So enters the boot for the next 4 weeks, and my only training to be done in the pool. Fast forward to last Sunday, 24 hours before I’m supposed to have my follow up and hopefully be deemed to throw the boot into the river, and I wake up feeling extremely ill. That started the week of not being able to keep anything but water down, and even that wasn’t always a guarantee. Monday came, I was allowed to walk without the boot and ease back into all disciplines, but I certainly didn’t feel up to it. A trip to the local doc-in-the-box and an overnight trip to the ER for lots of fun tests, and now I’m on super strength antibiotics to knock out whatever virus I picked up. Salmonella has been the majority explanation for this horrible past 7 days, but 2 days on them and I’m finally eating again. It’s all liquids or almost like soup, but it’s a start.

Today I woke up (at 2pm) and after a quick self-examination, I headed to the pool. While my form felt like crap, I was barely a second off my pace from a week ago before I caught The Virus King. An easy spin on the bike after, well as I’m typing this actually, and later this week my first exposition into running since before Christmas. Good news indeed! Plus; that’s three. Hit by a car back in November down in Miami which dislocated all sorts of things but not my will to run my way to 10th place, the stress fracture, and then the hospital worthy sickness. So I should be clear now; right?! TELL ME IM SAFE NOW!!! Anyway, onward now, relentless forward progress, and a kick-ass 2013 season. I’ll post my races later this week or next. It’s going to be amaze

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