A Schedule I Believe In

After battling with the whole stress fractured R. calcaneus issue the last…oh wow…it was about 13 weeks, I’m finally back to all three disciplines. I was allowed to stop wearing the boot a few weeks ago only to come down with some super-bug that had me crumpled on my couch for 6 full days, plus a 5ish hour stint the ER getting tests run. So that was a big kick in the teeth. “You’re allowed to ride and even start running again…in a week after you get so sick that you cant east and lose 7 pounds.” Good luck runs strong over here…

Running still doesn’t feel perfect, long runs are <25 minutes while we ‘baby’ it, but it’s progress. And in both dry-land disciplines I’m not far off from where I was. I could even argue, especially on Dixie my QR, that I’m stronger than I was. I’m sure the [forced] time off was good for me, even if it did create scowl lines. Regardless, my schedule, which I hadn’t posted because it was never 100% nailed down, has made its final metamorphosis. This is what crawled out for 2013 after having to bail out on two races in the beginning of March, and ‘transferring’ a race entry from April to May. Keep in mind that the BOLDS are 100%, and the italics are still a bit wispy. I’ll get to see the tough-as-hell Rev3 courses a lot, and that puts a grin on my face just thinking about.

2010 Rev 3 Quassy

Great Clermont International Aqua Bike 3-24

UNF Aquathon 4-14

Rev3 Knoxville Olympic 5-5

Florida 70.3 5-19

Rev3 Williamsburg HalfRev 6-23

Local Olympic  in July

Local Olympic in August or maybe Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee 

Race the first week of October, & right after I’d fly over to London…?!

TeamUSA London Aquathon and Sprint World Championship 9-11 & 13

Rev3 Anderson HalfRev 10-13

Rev3 Florida HalfRev 11-3

That’s what 2013 has planned, but what it has in store for me is something I’ll have to discover through a lot of teeth-gritting determination, sweat, and focus.

sneaker saviour

BTW!!!!! Don’t forget to send us your used shoes!!! Sneaker Savior will take them for free, and then get them onto the feet of the kids that need them.

2 thoughts on “A Schedule I Believe In

  1. Nice!! Keep up that recovery!!

    How do we send in our sneakers? I have a pair or 5 that are done serving me well, but the donate tab on the website didn’t have anything.

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