Here’s Your Call to Action: Keys to Keys


I’ve been kind of quiet with classes taking up my time and getting back into full time training, but I have a cause I want you to be aware of. And it’s easy enough to help out!! Last year Team Fight, part of the Ulman Cancer Fund, teamed up with Rev3 to run across America in order to raise money for supporting young adults who are diagnosed with cancer. This year, Team Fight has teams riding the east coast, from Baltimore Maryland to Key West Florida. I The teams will be pedaling through Jacksonville next week, and I get the opportunity to ride with them for a bit! My call to action for you is to head over and donate, and to share this blog and the cause to everyone you know. I’ll do my best to click plenty of pictures from the ride and post a follow up next week. Here’s their ‘planned’ schedule:


The Key to Keys Riders will be stopping at the following locations over the course of their 8-day journey:

Saturday 4/6 – Baltimore, MD to Charlottesville, VA

Sunday 4/7 – Charlottesville, VA to Raleigh, NC

Monday 4/8 – Raleigh, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC

Tuesday 4/9 – Myrtle Beach, SC to Hilton Head, SC

Wednesday 4/10 – Hilton Head, SC to St. Mary’s, GA (Riverview Hotel)

Thursday 4/11 – St. Mary’s, GA to Vero Beach, FL

Friday 4/12 – Vero Beach, FL to Key Largo, FL

Saturday 4/13 – Key Largo, FL to Key West, FL


I’ll admit I’m a bit behind on blogging. Maybe not in terms of publishing these, but in updates. The quick version to get you caught up is that…

+ I’m running again, stronger than ever (Pearl Izumi EMotion line review soon)


+ The first multisport event of 2013 was a solid teeth-sharpener for this year. Aquabike in Clermont OA podium, even with walking around post bike asking (yelling) where we (ABers) were to go after reracking our steeds. Not impressed with the event…

+ Just a bit over 2 weeks left in the semester. That’s crazy

+ 1st tri of the year coming up on the 14th. Yeah; I know I just posted a schedule and I’ve already changed it. There’s a 5k this weekend too

I think that’s all. I remind you again that you can donate to Team Fight’s Keys to Keys ride, and that Sneaker Savior is always taking more shoes!! (You know you have plenty of pairs sitting around. It’s free to ship them to us, so what’s your excuse?)


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