1-PropZTest and His Friends

Remember all those crazy tests you found on your graphing calculator that when you selected them, more words and symbols showed up on your screen than numbers? And then you wondered if you were actually in a math class or had somehow wandered into Building a Flux Capacitor 101? Well I did, DID being the key word. Here’s a little update on why I’ve been quiet.

The semester is OVER!!! My first semester at UNF in sunny, but surprisingly cold, Jacksonville Florida ended today when I handed in my last paper for Early British Literature. All grades well in the range they should be. Yesterday was the final exam for a statistics class where after the first two weeks, there were no more numbers; only sequences of buttons to press into your stoopid-expensive calculator. Didn’t this thing come with like PacMan or Donkey Kong? I feel cheated… The point now being that I’ve finished with all my Spring finals and have all my papers turned in, meaning nothing but training and writing and [much needed recovery of] sleep. The cherry on top is that this is (I think) the last math class I’ll EVER have to take!!! And I do so loathe math. I’ve been busy, getting healthy and maintaining grades and training along with some semblance of a dating act. But now there’s a brief lull before summer semester starts, which works out perfect because…

REV3 KNOXVILLE IS ALMOST HERE!!! I love the Knox race, and I didn’t get a chance to compete in it last year. And I’m freakin’ tired of big gear work and wind (Florida hills), so I’m stoked to get to tap into my inner mountain goat and bomb down some descents. Oh yeah…it’ll also be my first full triathlon since the Miami incident where I played chicken with that SUV and learned what it meant to really run angry. Plus, Rev3 is hosting a glow run Friday night where ALL proceeds go to help Boston bombing victim Nicole Gross. All the details on that are here. So not only do you get to run around like you’re in a rave…at least that’s what’ll be going on in my mind and how I’ll see it, but you get to help out a cause. That alone seems like a damn good reason to go sign up RIGHT. NOW. 

Happy to head to the hills and race along my triathlon, well honestly they don’t need that distinction, with my family in Knoxville after a few day stop around Atlanta. We’ll see if everyone else’s reaction to the way I look now v. 4 months ago is the same as a friend of mine when he saw me last week. I may even have some new art \\m//

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