Meeting The Locals

After disappointing proformaces at Rev3 Knoxville (which should have been called Rev3 Arctic Circle) and Florida 70.3 (look-how-many-people-we-can-shove-into-this-one-race), I was very excited to get my first dose of the local Jaxsonville race scene. The first race was this last Saturday, and I found out that the rumors that there’s quite a few guys down here that ‘…could have gone pro, but decided not to for…’ is indeed true. Proof being that even with a sub-par swim (ocean swimming is a WHOLE new game), averaging almost 24 on the bike and running a solid <6:25 pace off the bike (props to Jeff at TREK Bike Shop for the new fit), I still came in almost 10minutes after the winner and 15th OA. And THE guy to beat wasn’t even there for this race. Gotta step the game up.


I don’t have any pictures of the race, which is sad because I wanted to see how I looked in the new fit, but I did snap this one of Rev3 teammate and local Jax transplant Heidi who finished 3rd OA!! Congrats to her and to fellow UNF Teale who’s the #1 lady in this pic. Further congratulations to everyone who raced, vets and newbies, UNF athletes and the local guys who I’m going to be chasing now.

Up next is Rev3 Williamsburg!!!! 11 days…and another chance to tackle a 70.3; my favorite distance!!

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