#ProTip Series: Gel Wrappers

Whether you’re a runner, triathlete, consider yourself a weekend warrior, or any other kind of athlete, you spend time training. I’m starting this series to share the little things I’ve discovered though trial and [mostly] error that make things spin a little smoother. I’m going to try to get one of these up every couple weeks. Here’s the first installment: What do I do with this empty gel wrapper?



Don’t be that guy or girl that empties their gel packet, then pitches it onto the shoulder of the road. You’ll make us all look bad, you can be penalized or DQed if it’s during a race, and I’ve even heard of certain race directors black-listing athletes for tossing trash in non-designated areas. So what to do? Stick the wrappers in the outside of the leg of your cycling/run/tri shorts. Ladies, I’ve been told, using your sports bra works just as well. Is it really going to bother you to let it sit there until the next trash can or aid station? Plus, you may even need that gel later to patch a tire tube (did you know you could do that?) So don’t be that guy, or girl. Just keep it in your pants. #ProTip

2 thoughts on “#ProTip Series: Gel Wrappers

  1. Yes! So easy to do – I always dig into my tri top and shower the first trashcan I see on the run with all my used gel packets.

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