Rev3 Williamsburg RR


Hey there…I see you’ve stumbled upon my Rev3 Williamsburg race report. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Now that I’ve channeled my inner Ryan Gosling and snagged your attention, I’m going to give a quick recap of the inaugural Rev3 Williamsburg through my eyes. Short and sweet with pictures, and a HUGE shout out to a couple people.


First shout out to my Coach, Tony Hammet at Peak Racing Team. Tony set me up PERFECTLY for this race. I knew big things were going on when I jogged (word chosen on purpose) a 19:39 at the Rev3 Glow Run friday night on an honest course. I was told I could use it as a shake out after my just-under 10 hour drive up from Jax. I turned the corner and saw the clock…my face showed the shock, but I knew the race in 36 hours would hold something new. Back to my hotel for some quality time in my Normantec Boots and hook up to my COMPEX unit.


The day before the race the team made a splash at the practice swim. See what I did there? It’s a bad pun, but not as bad as this…No one can say we don’t have fun, even when showcasing sponsors like SBR Inc’s TRISLIDE and Foggie (formerly Foggle). Tan lines are sexy…right?


So fast forward to race morning, and per usual…I’m running late. And because it’s the morning of a race, it’s not my normal 2-3minutes; it’s a solid 20-25 minutes. But that’s irrelevant. So I get to T1 (there were separate transitions) and down my 2nd 6-8oz dose of Biotta’s wonder-potion beet juice as I’m sprinting to the swim start while trying it get into my blueseventy HELIX and get a dynamic warm up in. I’m sure I was a sight. PSA:if you’re not drinking beet juice and you’re an athlete, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s proof…



3rd out of the water in 25-29 AG, which isn’t a slouch group, against a strong current that elicited comments from a majority if not all racers. 39th overall amateur male (54 OA) split with a controlled effort. Run to T1, hop on the bike and take off. I have a power meter, but ALWAYS pay the most attention to how I feel the most. Seeing numbers that were 95% or higher than my FTP but feeling awesome had me come in 39th male split again (41st OA). Averaged more than 95% over 2:32 on my QR CD.01. For reference, the last race I did was a sprint and averaged less than 85% over 43 minutes… DRINK YOUR BEET JUICE!!!! And listen to your coach. Ran a steady 11 miles, upped myself a few spots, then my diaphragm issue kicked in, stopping me dead in my tracks. I’ll leave it at when it happens, breathing is damn near impossible. I’m working on it. Ended up running my Pearl Izumi’s to a 1:43 and change for 5th AG, 43rd am. male, and 48th OA at 4:59:42. Not a 70.3 PR, but arguably the best race I’ve ever put together fueled by Powerbar. Without the 4 stops those last 2+ miles, it would have been a PR. I finished tired and sore, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Maybe even a little confused if the next picture tells a story.



After the race and after food and a shower, the team that stayed around hit a couple of the local bars to chill. I used it as the cap on my 5 day summer break, because classes for the 2nd summer term today.



Fun race, great times, and definitely a race I could be doing annually. Next time maybe we can get Beeson to look at the camera. Me too it looks like…there were a lot of cameras flashing and everyone was tired, so shut it. Mid-July holds a big block of local races, Worlds in September, and then October and November have 2 more Rev3 Half Rev events. So go sign up and join in the fun!!

5 thoughts on “Rev3 Williamsburg RR

  1. This was a race I volunteered at T1, it was a bit hectic for us changing bike out at the last minute! Good Job!

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