4th of July Celebration 5k

So as my 4th of July ritual, I ran a local 5k. I lined up with high expectation of low numbers. I was almost immediately met with the door slamming shut behind me as I entered my pain cave. And this special PC I save for short races has no happy place, just an abundance of suffering.

tumblr_inline_misxgcP1Gm1qz4rgpThe cannon (not a gun) goes off at 0730. I fly out with the front 20 or so runners. I’m feeling awesome, almost like I’m floating down the course. We hit the 1st mile marker and the clock reads 5:54. YEAH!!!

00-great-successThat first mile was met very soon after, at some point around 1.75 miles with my body yelling, “HEY!!! WTH?! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!” So what seemed like a great success became…


And by the 2nd mile marker the only thought in my head was…


There’s just one measly mile left to go!!! This is ridiculous…suck it up buttercup…


So over the line and I morph into this guy…


I’m locking myself into my NTrecovery boots now, and probably falling asleep while they suck out this week’s bike tests and this morning’s headache-n-dryheave-inducing run. Happy 4th y’all!!


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