#ProTip Series: Chapstick; Not Just For Your Grandparents

I know I said every couple weeks I’d put one of these out and I’m behind. With the 5 year anniversary of my wreck, the 4th of July 5k, and this past weekend’s bike wreck I stayed busy. So I apologize, and now bring you the magic of chapstick. More specifically, fun tasting chapstick.


How many times have you been out on a ride or run and that sunscreen you applied to your nose and under your eyes (NEVER ABOVE; we’ll cover that one another time) has mixed with the sweat pouring down your face and wound up in your mouth or on your lips? And that terrible terrible taste… Chapstick. I live and train in Florida, and that means buckets of sweat and almost constant sun. Not only does chapstick work wonders as an easily applied sunscreen even during training for my nose and lips, but using the fruity-flavored ones mean the sweat constantly flowing down my face and around mouth as I train and race doesn’t have that nasty chemical taste of out-of-a-tube sunscreen. That’s one less distraction.


Do you constantly wipe the sweat off the tip of your nose out of reflex like I do? And then end up looking like Rudolph by the time you get home? Chapstick can fix that too. Its protective ability means I don’t end up with a red stripe below my nose. That same trait works wonders on hot spots too with a quick application. 6 miles out on a run and a blister coming on? CHAPSTICK!!!!


Less than 3grams for a tube no larger than your thumb that protects and soothes your skin. I dare you to think of a reason why a tube can’t sit in your jersey pocket. Don’t be like that guy. #ProTip

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