#ProTip Series: Sportsmanship

Remember in your first sporting days when after games or matches or races you lined up and shook/slapped hands with the other team no matter what the outcome? Well you should still be embracing that idea. Triathletes often get a bad rap as, well, for being stuck-up elitist tools. Personally I’ve only run into those who fit into that minority stereotype enough times it only takes one hand to count. But don’t help that negative preconception. Take Rev3 for example. There’s ALWAYS a huge cheering section and almost-party for the last place finisher at the races. Why? Because they were out there covering the exact same distance as the guy who finished first. Not everyone wins, but everyone follows the same course. A simple “Nice work” and a handshake is all it takes. And who knows, maybe when that person hears those simple words from someone who finished ahead of them or won the game a new desire to compete and get to a new level will be awakened. We’re all out there together at some point; don’t be an ass. My money is on that at one point you were the one looking up at the winner yearning to be on that side.

Short and sweet this round, and more than anything just a reminder to most of us. Stay humble. Appreciate your competition. Don’t be that guy (if you don’t know who that guy is, it’s probably you).

Penny for your thoughts...

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