Back into the Mix

But don’t call it a comeback. We’ll call it a forced hiatus and a needed break to get various aspects in order.


But before I get to that…HAVE YOU APPLIED TO JOIN THE REV3 TEAM NEXT YEAR?!?!?!?! If not…WHY NOT?! Do it. Application is here.


So yeah…after what was diagnosed as a possible stress fracture, I was forced to take time off and don a boot just to walk around on. I spent a lot of time in the gym and pool. Then one day as I was working real hard on being late to class, I was running around my apartment without the boot…hmmm…it doesn’t feel broken. Or anything. Hold on….So after starting PT 2.5 weeks into what was originally thought to be a 12-week-stint/season-ending-injury, I seemed to be doing better. A lot better. 4 weeks almost to the day after the MRI was read and I was told no dry land exercises, I ran. And it was GLORIOUS!!!!



I wasn’t allowed to run more than 2 miles, and it was on a Woodway (CRAZY nice treadmills), but still. I was running and thankful beyond reason. Even if I did miss the AG ‘ships in London. Def lost a bit of the edge, but it’s coming back. I raced Sunday. Sprint, finished 4th OA behind 2 guys, a kid and his dad, who were in their TeamUSA kits from London, and another guy who caught me on the run. Apparently I remembered that it’s one foot in front of the other, but not how to breathe. 3k into the 5k I finally figured it out… Ton of good it did me then. I’m not disappointed, and so happy to be back on my QR and in my PI shoes. We’ll see how well moving up a distance works in Anderson in just…oh wow…9 days. Excuse me while I chug this bottle of beet juice and get some panic training in. (and if you want in on the majic that is biota and their juices, go HERE and use codes… Train10-13 for Beet, Bruess and Sauerkraut., Race10-13 Celery / Elderberry, Win10-13 Bilberry)

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.01.41 PM

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