Season Finale @ Rev3 Florida

So if you saw my last post, you know I found out that the reason I’ve felt half-baked since mid-September is because I had mono. Forced to take a hard 3 weeks off where I was on my couch or hunched over in class, I let my body right the wrong going on inside. After a crazy night of multiple fevers, I woke up the next day feeling better than I had in months. After a few days of improvement, I knew it wasn’t a trick, and saw a doctor who cleared me to get back into my normal routine…which meant racing in Sarasota just 3 days later. I’ve raced every year including my very first race on my birthday [weekend], and damn it if I was going to miss it now.



I headed down to the event with the goal really just to finish. 3 weeks of being pseudo-bedridden does terrible things to your fitness. So I toed the line Sunday morning with great weather and amid ~100 of my closest guy friends as we all scrambled off into the ocean. I love the ocean; if every race was an ocean swim you’d never see me exit the water with less than an ear-to-ear grin. I made sure to stay on someone’s feet and came out about 3:30 behind the leader. Wetsuit strippers yanked my blue70 HELIX off, always a nice addition to T1, and I was off on Dixie, my QR CD.01, soon after.



A fun bike course. If I remember correctly, only 2 cars passed by. Volunteers were great, police kept traffic controlled, and surprisingly the Florida wind wasn’t all that noticeable. I came in just under 1:10 for this leg, adding another 5minutes to my time behind the leader, now ~8:30 up. Terrible T2, my own fault, but the run was next and I was feeling pretty good.

“12 in front of you” a spectator yelled as I exited transition, and I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was great…was…until about mile 4.5. That’s when the wheels came off. I’ve hurt far less in races two and four times longer than this one, but this is when the forced recovery made its presence known. So my internal dialog:

“I might actually pass out…”

“It’s a mile left; come on man.”

“Imma pour that ice down my shorts; that’ll keep me up for another couple minutes to the finish.”



I run down the chute, happy to be done, and happy with what I put out there. The race came together incredibly well, and the venue and volunteers made this a fantastic end of the season event. The pro’s came through a bit later as I was sitting in the NormaTec tent, and you can check out the pro recap here. The age group video is here.

Now to find some way to entertain myself until I start training for 2014. I think I have some kind of school stuff…or something…not nearly as fun as racing.

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