As the smoke cleared…

I realized that I’m finally done with this crazy semester where I thought taking 7 courses was a good idea. Jury is still out on a couple final grades, but worse case looks like a 3.0. I’m good with that. Just 6 classes now to my BA in Psych, then grad school. But…now that that’s done, I focus on 2014. Specifically a couple big changes coming that I can’t tell you about just yet. What I can tell you is my 2014 race schedule minus any road races I end up throwing in there. I expect to see y’all at some of these, especially the Rev3 events…because if you’re not racing Rev3, well then you’re doing it wrong.

  • Clearmont Challenge Sprint (collegiate) – 3/2
  • Great Clearmont Olympic (collegiate) – 3/23
  • West Point Olympic – 4/27
  • Rev3 Age Group Championship – 5/18
  • Rev3 W’Burg HalfRev – 6/15
  • JaxTri Sprint 1 – 6/21
  • JaxTri Sprint 2 – 7/19
  • JaxTri Sprint 3 – 8/9
  • USAT Long Course Worlds (China) – 9/? …at some point
  • Rev3 Florida Olympic – 11/?

In there too are two early season camps, maybe three, and then a long course camp about a month out from Worlds. 10 races, same as this past year. 2013 ended with this…Image

I plan to make that the first of 2014’s pattern.


PS!!!!!! Rev3 is announcing the 2014 team RIGHT NOW!!! Heres the link—> <— The first round was announced today, so go over (and like the page if you haven’t already) to follow along. Like now…GO!!

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