I realized that I’m finally done with this crazy semester where I thought taking 7 courses was a good idea. Jury is still out on a couple final grades, but worse case looks like a 3.0. I’m good with that. Just 6 classes now to my BA in Psych, then grad school. But…now that that’s done, I focus on 2014. Specifically a couple big changes coming that I can’t tell you about just yet. What I can tell you is my 2014 race schedule minus any road races I end up throwing in there. I expect to see y’all at some of these, especially the Rev3 events…because if you’re not racing Rev3, well then you’re doing it wrong.

  • Clearmont Challenge Sprint (collegiate) – 3/2
  • Great Clearmont Olympic (collegiate) – 3/23
  • West Point Olympic – 4/27
  • Rev3 Age Group Championship – 5/18
  • Rev3 W’Burg HalfRev – 6/15
  • JaxTri Sprint 1 – 6/21
  • JaxTri Sprint 2 – 7/19
  • JaxTri Sprint 3 – 8/9
  • USAT Long Course Worlds (China) – 9/? …at some point
  • Rev3 Florida Olympic – 11/?

In there too are two early season camps, maybe three, and then a long course camp about a month out from Worlds. 10 races, same as this past year. 2013 ended with this…Image

I plan to make that the first of 2014’s pattern.


PS!!!!!! Rev3 is announcing the 2014 team RIGHT NOW!!! Heres the link—> https://www.facebook.com/TeamRev3Triathlon <— The first round was announced today, so go over (and like the page if you haven’t already) to follow along. Like now…GO!!

About TriHollywood

Student, triathlete, and coach, racing after my professional triathlete license. I've come a long way since a car wreck put my in a coma in 2008, and I continue to chase my dreams as an athlete and person. Check out my first entry, "Quick History" for the full story of how it all got started.

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  1. Josh, you should do Collegiate Nats this year, too! Enjoy it while you can!

  2. maggieru says:

    Yeah – looks like a great schedule! See you at Knox and Florida!

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