How’d I Lose a Month?

It’s been over a month since I posted anything, which is not ok. I guess I took the holidays the way they’re meant to, and really unplugged from basically everything. Actually took an off-season, even though it was slightly forced thanks to illness (mono) and injury (chipped proximal medial R hallux). I spent a month out of Florida, and got ‘stranded’ by the polar vortex…But now I’m in my last real semester of my undergrad, and wanted to throw out a couple quick updates before I get back to typing up lab reports.


So numero uno: I’m officially back on the Rev3 Age Group Team, and love it. We have a lot of new faces this year who’ve already fit right in, so if you missed all the announcements, go check them out here. On that same note, Rev3 has lots of cool things in the works. Have you ever wanted to visit Mexico? Or you SO want’s to travel, and a race is just the thing to make you agree? Check this out!!


Numbre dos: I started officially coaching with my coach of almost 3 years and mentor, Tony Hammett, at Peak Racing Team. My page is linked there if you’re looking for coaching *cough*go*look*cough. This also includes coaching the UNF Triathlon Club through the term for our collegiate races.


Tres: Race schedule finalized. Very excited. VERY… 


Quatro: After the BA in psych is done, it’s grad school for physical therapy. There’s a lot more to that, but not much in stone yet so I’ll hold off to share. 

So I think that’s all. To make up for the quiet time, here’s a quick #ProTip: Mindfulness. Ever heard that you need to train and race inside yourself? Focus on each stride versus how many more miles you have to go? “Take out the trash” maybe? Check out the link and take it to heart. We all know this is a mental sport more than it’s not. Stay inside yourself. 



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