Trust the Process

It’s obvious we need to recover from stress in order to adapt. In this situation, I’m talking about training, but more specifically, the rest that comes from taking time/backing off at the end of a season. I’ve never taken a real ‘off-season’; I don’t sit still well. This past year I was forced to thanks to injury and illness + life. Starting now, there’s aspects of my three disciplines that aren’t as strong as they were. I’m talking to my cycling prowess here. After getting back into structured training for a few weeks, I took my cycling power test. Short version is I dropped a full 60watts from my previous FTP. But, what that is is normal, and proof that I gave the body the rest it obviously needed after an ugly and broken last 4 months. I don’t like that it’s lower, but I know it’s the truth, and I know that I trust my PEAK plan by my coach that I’ll be back to my 4.5 power:weight, and more likely, above that. Remember that it’s February. If your race schedule is like most of our’s, you shouldn’t be in peak form. I decided to write this as I just now accepted this fact. Or at least this part of it. So relax, stick to your plan, and trust the process.


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