It’s Pink for a Reason

Some of you know, others don’t, but long story short is my grandmother starts chemo tomorrow, February 11th February 18th due to the crazy weather in Atlanta. We knew that was an option, but it was just last week we got the news that she’d definitely have to go through it. On top of running the Donna 5k event, same as the Donna half and full marathon, on the 22nd, I did this:



Which resulted in this:



My tattoo artist is out of town, so this was the next most blatant thing I could do. The thought process is that people notice, then they ask, and for every person that asks, I tell them about my grandmother, and then ask them to keep her in their thoughts. It may as well be free. So now you know, and now you can do just what I’d ask the strangers who comment on the pink hair. And if you don’t know her, here’s her Facebook page. She’d appreciate any and all posts of encouragement and such. Hell, I’d appreciate it. As much as a freakin trooper as she is, a little extra support is good for all of us. 

*DISCLAIMER*Yes…it is in fact already fading. I’m surprised it stuck at all honestly; anytime I’ve tried to do any kind of color or lack-of, it’s back to red within a week if I don’t redo it. So don’t freak out you-know-who*


Penny for your thoughts...

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