What’s the word…starts with an R…


Redemption. That’s the word. And it’s a great descriptor for this past weekend’s race. After my abysmal performance in the draft legal challenge down in Clermont a couple weeks ago, I had some work to do at the Great Clermont this past Sunday. I’ll spare you the details of a race report of how I ate and slept (or lack there of), and just go with the highlights.


I’ve found a trick to swimming fast. I think. But I haven’t had enough time to really test it so I won’t share yet. I did come out of the water in under 20 Sunday though, which is a first and HUGE PR for an international distance event. Chip registered in at 19:42. Announcer said “Go”, and I just went. I ended up staying on the hip of another racer then entire time. Not on purpose, but he kept me from slacking off. blue70 helix wetsuit did me well, so kudos to them.


After a relatively quick T1, I headed off on Dixie, my Quintana Roo CD0.1 and Reynolds Strike wheels. Plus, thanks to gear guru RH, race tires and tubes. If you’ve never ridden or bought into tires playing a role, you’ve never ridden a good set. They came in handy since for the first time since Rev3 South Carolina I was forced to use my small chain ring. If you’ve never been to Clermont, it’s not the stereotypical flat Florida landscape. It’s not uncommon to break 40mph bombing down a hill. After 1:07 on the bike, from what the chip registered because my Garmin came out of the water filled with water…I set off on the run.


I’d stayed in 6th all day. The collegiate males were the first wave, and I stayed about 2 minutes behind the next racer (and fellow UNF team member Dustin Beller) since exiting the water. I pushed the run, ignoring everything but keeping my form smooth, and ended up finally getting passed at mile 5 by a kid who made me look like I was walking (he ran a 38, I a 41). The race clock finally came into view and read 2:10:something. I crossed the mat in 2:10:38, and honestly a little disappointed I didn’t break 2:10. But that’s still a 9minute PR for the distance, all of that coming from the run and swim. 7th collegiate, 4th collegiate in the FCTC, and 21st over all. And much thanks to my coach Tony Hammet at Peak Racing for getting me to that level this early in the year.


Back to training and the school grind stone (I miss spring break…), but 4 weeks from now the term will be over and I’ll be racing at West Point. I’m curious to see how much time I can shave off before then. And what my next PR will be.

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