2015 Quintana Roo PR6 – First Look

I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged anything but umm…yeah…THIS. Check out (and subscribe to) the AeroGeeks review of Quintana Roo’s new PR6. Sexy fast.


Colin Chapman, who founded Lotus Cars, is famous for describing his philosophy for designing race cars thusly, “Simplify, then add lightness.” He gave us the Lotus Seven, arguably the most minimalist thing on four wheels, from both a design and maintenance perspective. And he also spawned an entire school of thought when it came to making things that are meant to go fast. With Quintana Roo’s new PR6, we’re starting to wonder if the engineers over there are devotees of Mr. Chapman’s ideology, because the PR6 seems very much like the Lotus Seven in superbike form.


The largest complaint about the current generation of high-end bikes is that—no matter which one you pick—cabling them is an absolute nightmare and fitting them can become an exercise in how many times one wants to do a complete rewire. That ends with the PR6. There’s nothing complicated about how it deals with cable…

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