West Point Lake RR

Please ignore the boring title, but I’m already far too behind the ball in getting this posted to be witty. So I’ll get straight to it. Classes ended on the 24th of April, and I drove straight up to good ole GA as soon as I turned in my last final.


As I’m gearing up to Rev3 Knoxville Age Group Championship race, West Point is perfectly situated 3 weeks out to be a tune-up/benchmark race. Similar course, more so than living in Jacksonville anyway where hills are nonexistent. So after seeing my family and getting by back and shoulder adjusted, I headed to Franklin and got my inner redneck on Friday afternoon

Yeeah c’mon!! Also; probably undid all the chiro work done on my shoulder earlier that day…

before focusing in on Sunday’s race. I was ready to see exactly where I stood this close to Knox.

The swim has curiously become my favorite. Big part of that is blueseventy
Haha! That dude is all, “Who’s this kid passing me?!” That’s why I swim in until my hands hit bottom twice

Race morning came, and call me thin-blooded all you want, but it was cold. 55* water temp. Or 59* Either way that’s cold. Luckily, as it turned out, I had popped my eardrum a few weeks back during a turn in the pool. I had earplugs in my bag from that, and with both ears covered, the water temp was a non issue. That same trick will probably be used in Knoxville. Anyway, it was a TT start, and I sat on feet until the last turn towards shore, then picked it up to come out of the water in 24:31, a solid 5 mins slower than a few weeks ago in Clermont. But that split was the day’s 11th fastest, with the fastest being just under 23. Something was short or long… A quick T1, and no flying mount because I couldnt feel my feet, I was out on the bike as I yelled, “It’s freakin’ cold”, to my coach as I passed.

Yeah…I’m firing the photographer
But not THIS photographer…

The bike was well, a hard effort all the way around, but uneventful. Except that later I found out that I got an overtaking penalty, that I could have argued, but I was ok knowing that even if I did (I don’t think I did), it wasn’t on purpose. Also first race in my new aero helmet, the Bell Javeline. BIG fan. Came in at 1:07:55, 16th fastest (w/o penalty +2:00), and made my legs move as fast as they could on the run.

‘Damn it glasses!! How do you even get tied into a hat?!’

Run run run…RUUUUUNNNNN! That was the plan. I wanted to break 40, and I would have if not for that one hill that blew off everyone’s legs. Came in at 41:26, 10th fastest for the day. And a run that I will remember as a breakthrough because instead of yelling at my legs, I pulled off this really awesome disconnect where I just ignored them. And ran faster.

Yeah. I know that his shirt is WAY cooler than mine…

2:17:58 (with the +2:00 penalty… *sigh*) for 13th OA, down a single spot from what it’d be without the extra 2 minutes. Solid race. HUGE turn out and performances for Peak Racing Team. And getting to race against and cheer your athletes is awesome!!



Next stop is Knoxville. 1-40-10. Lots of fun. Maybe some cursing, but that just means you’re pushing. Excited to kick off the Rev3 season and meet the newbies. In fact...registration is still open through May 14th, so if you’re not already signed up, COME ON!! And I’ll see you out there.

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