Rev3 Age Group Championship Race – 5/18/2014


Last weekend I drove up to Knoxville Tennessee to compete in the inaugural Rev3 Championship race. A hybrid distance of a 1.2 mile swim, 40 mile bike, and a 10 mile run. I also had the Peak Racing Team set up at the expo, since we were the coaching sponsor for the event and I built the plans. Knoxville is a fantastic venue, and I was excited to go longer than the previous three years when I raced the olympic. And looking forward to much more much more merciful conditions than last year’s frozen hell. 


Knoxville has a great swim where you start against the current and then pull two quick rights to finish the majority with the current aid. A quick wetsuit legal swim (and I do love my blue70 HELIX), quick as in some of the pros pulled 23:xx times for the 1.2 miles, and it’s off on a bike course that forces you to use all your cycling skills and then some. 


As you can see in the chart and map above, that is not an easy ride. The trick though, is the technical descents. If you’ve known me long enough, you know I’ve had my fair share [and then some] of bike crashes, some on my QR I rode Sunday. Conditions, other riders, cars, I’ve fought them all in my attempt to keep wheels down, and lost at one point or another. So maybe it’s just in my head, but I couldn’t get myself to be one of the people bombing down these winding roads in my aerobars, trees and mountain views whizzing through my peripherals. If you were out there and you heard the distinct squeal of brake pads against carbon fiber for the duration of a downhill, my bad. Which is a real shame because my new retul fit that All3Sports through together earlier this year is sick. 


After the 40 miles of ups and downs, the run takes you on a fun course. You run along the river, then hit a nature trail, then move into a neighborhood where you reverse course. Honest run; a few hills to make sure you don’t doze off mid-stride, and to make you just uncomfortable enough to remind you that you’ve already swam and spent some time in the saddle. The on-course PowerBar PowerGels were a big help all day, but especially here. 


A sprint down the finish chute in one final attempt to make up the time I lost on the bike, and then cheering the other athletes in.


Not only did I get to yell for the Rev3 Team, but for my own athlete who raced the HalfRev, and left it all out there on the course, so kudos to everyone else too. Here’s the pro recap.

Next up is a fun in-between distance race that’s kind of a secret. But There’s still more Rev3 races on the calendar, like the kid’s race Revvie Rev3 put on in Knoxville, Rev3 RUSH this weekend, Williamsburg in a few weeks, and with Rev3’s proclamation of awarding money to age group athletes, you know these races are going to continue to be magnets for family get aways, diehard racers, and everyone in between. So if you don’t have a Rev3 event on your race calendar yet, or you haven’t ever raced their events, you’re running out for reasons not to. Get on it. 

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