I wanted to go ahead and get this update out there before the annual post that’s coming in a couple days. Lots have happened since the Rev3 Age Group Championship Race back in May. Well maybe not a lot, but a few things worth mentioning.



A couple races. The PaTRIot Triathlon down in Fort Pierce. Neat little race; needs some polishing. Cool town too. The fun thing about this, aside from the organization they donate to, is that the distance was .911-49.11-9.11. Obviously a play on 9-11, the whole reason event exists, but also a good take 2 on the Rev3 AG Champs race that I felt I didn’t do as well as I could have. You know, because I haven’t gotten over descending around blind corners at 40mph. There’s a certain number of crashes and times you get hit by a car while riding that screws forces a governor on your psyche. Anyway, I finished 4th in the very small field, but left happy with my effort. Then there’s the local race series an hour up the road near Amelia. Fun event, always a solid field. raced the sprint up there and came across the line 2nd, but finished 3rd because of the waves start. Those masters athletes man, they crank it out on the bike. Top 3 of us all finished with less than a minute between.

Probably the more important thing, probably, as the reason for the title, is that I’ve been ‘pre-approved’ to graduate with my BA in August. Taking my last class now (psychobiology), and then I’m [being forced] to walk. Not a big fan, and it’s ruining my streak of not walking, but…anyway. From there it’s 6months of hard work building my resumé to start in physical therapy school. Probably PTA, but there will be multiple applications. So in two years, I’ll be able to answer with certainty all these, “My arm hurts over here *points*” questions I keep being asked.


That’s all. For now. At least until the 1st. So until then… I’m going to work on my surfing. Which coincidentally, looks a lot like falling. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.


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