It’s Almost Here

“What’s almost here?”


Lots of things. In less than one week I’ll be [forced into] walking across a stage and handed a piece of paper and have this little tassel thing readjusted. Yep. Finally after having to basically start from scratch post-wreck and coma, I’m graduating with my BAS in Psychology with a Literature minor. At least I know about this one.


Directly after the ceremony I head up to Augusta to coach our Peak Racing Team Augusta camp. I LOVE CAMP!! And I can’t think of much better ways to celebrate graduation than being completely immersed in this sport with 20-some other triathletes for a couple days.

AGE Group2

And then…I head up to Milwaukee for the USATriathlon Age Group National Championship races, a big fast weekend with an olympic on Saturday and a sprint on Sunday. I’ve already started telling my legs to shut up. And I’ve got the shirt to prove it. Well, I will when it’s delivered anyway.

photo 2

This is pretty cool too. Above is a picture of the 25-29 podium from last weekend at the Jax Triathlon Series #2. Myself and the guy on the top spot went 7th and 6th overall respectively in the olympic distance. I found Jacksonville to have a very competitive triathlon field when I moved down a couple years ago. The proof is here, at a race that maxes out at 500 racers split between the sprint and olympic races, where my 2:04:08 was only good enough for a 7th place finish. Makes me pretty curious what I can grit my teeth to at #USATAGNC14 (official USAT Nats hashtag btw).

photo 1



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