Peak Racing Team’s Full Distance Training Camp 2014



This past weekend we at Peak Racing Team put on our [what’s becoming annual] full distance triathlon camp in beautiful Panama City Beach FL. Having athletes from multiple states, some as far away as the North East, we covered the course of a certain race that takes place in PCB November 1st this year that our campers are registered for. Some have done the race before, some have done other fulls, and others still are making this event their first 140.6 mile triathlon, and we we’re and are ecstatic to help them all prepare for the event. Over the 2.5 days of camp we had ocean swims, rode 160+ miles, and ran anywhere from 13-20+ miles. And like at all these camps, we see athletes come to our Thursday night welcome dinner apprehensive, and leave a whole new athlete with double the confidence. Also like our other camps, we couldn’t do it with out the camp sponsors, so from the whole Peak Racing staff, thank you to PowerBar, All3Sports (especially our camp mechanic Ian), SBR Inc, INFINIT, as well as out Peak sponsors. We’ll be back next year, and I know we’ll see some familiar faces and some new ones. Who wouldn’t come back to train along the Gulf and laugh during the rides at the clever play on words so many of the local shops have? ‘Es pretty good…’ 

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