Challenge Family + Rev3 = Big News


As I’m sure most have heard or read by now, Rev3 and Challenge Family have merged, and in doing so, created “a partnership that redefines long distance triathlon in North America.” The whole press release is HERE. The quick run down is that The name and logo changes, but the important things, the focus on the athlete and family experience, the core values that Rev3 became known for over other brands, remain. Challenge and Rev3’s partnership “is simply a natural fit”, and the companies “…share the same values and are working towards the same objectives with endless passion…” IN addition to that, while a different banner will be flown, the same faces you’ve come to recognize as the Rev3 staff will remain at the events next year. 2014 races will stay Rev3, and the Rev3Rush and adventure  events now and in the future will stay Rev3 brand events.


Here’s where you should get even more excited! The early bird pricing for the above three events, the first season of Challenge USA events, ends TOMORROW 9/18!!! You shouldn’t even be reading this sentence. Or this one. Go. Go now and sign up. The 2015 season is just around the corner.


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