Augusta 70.3 & Other Weekend Fun

These last couple of weeks had plenty going on. Racing Augusta 70.3, sorta bad news from a doc, a flight up to ATL, VIP treatment at The Tabernacle, not being the one getting a tattoo at the studio (a first), and my grandmother’s birthday party. Lots. But that’s a long probably-boring post, so here’s the quick version:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.14.47 AM

Augusta was the focus of the last ~16 months due to the fractures I sustained last December, and the resulting rearranging of my race schedule. Went well, not as well as I wanted, but solid race and cut ~23 minutes off my time the last time I was there. Breakdown went: 0:23:54-2:28:32-1:36:30 for 40th OA male, and 6th AG. Full results here: Augusta results. On top of that, Peak Racing had a phenomenal day there too, and along with stellar performances, a lot of pictures were snapped too. Those are here: Peak Racing Team Augusta photos.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.17.16 AM

When I got home I met with my podiatrist to discuss what my MRI taken the week before showed. I knew I had bruised something at AG Nats, but oddly the ‘off’ feeling hadn’t gone away. “Developing stress fracture in the distal head of the 2nd & 3rd metatarsal head, and in the intermediate cuneiform”. Good news being that he didn’t want, nor feel the need, to limit me. Being cautious though, I haven’t run since Augusta. Instead, it’s been the elliptical…and a huge shot at my pride.


Then last weekend I flew up to Atlanta as a surprise for my grandmother’s birthday. I also spent Friday night blowing out my eardrums at The Tabernacle seeing Rise Against. A friend we went with got us VIP upgrades, and up top is a lot different from being down in the pit catching elbows to the ribs. Awesome show.


All3Sports let me test out a demo bike while I was in town, and I made sure I took advantage of the new/old terrain i.e. hills. n+1; right? Too bad I didn’t bring any cold gear being it was 40* in the mornings…that was not awesome. Aside from getting requited with the hills, I hung out at arguably the coolest tattoo studio I’ve ever been in. Odd part was, I’m not the one getting ink.


Then was my grandmother’s surprise party, and seeing family I hadn’t in 1, or 2, or even more years. And I suppose getting to see my brothers was kinda ok too. I am certainly not the biggest anymore, which means I just have to fight dirtier.

IMG_7382 IMG_7384 IMG_7383 IMG_7388 IMG_7385 IMG_7386 IMG_7387

With all of that, it’s time for Rev3 South Carolina this Sunday, the long course national championship, and another chance to race a 70.3 correctly. “But what about your foot?!” Doc said he wasn’t limiting me, and since I can walk barefoot now without ending the day sore, I have his blessing. Anyway…the plan is to not go out on the run at ‘that guy’s pace’, only to blow up 8.5 miles in this time. Long course really does require a whole new set of skills.


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