Rev3 Anderson RR


Every season, I look forward to that one race that seems it’s created solely to exploit your weaknesses. And, thus far, every year that race is Rev3 Anderson. It ain’t flat. It’s always a little cold, which for me, is a con. The swim is in a lake that somehow makes you think you’re a salmon swimming up current. The bike, again, ain’t flat. And the run follows suit. None of those are complaints; those are all praises. If this was easy it would be called…well I’ll let you fill in the blank there. Last year I raced it with mono, which was not nearly as fun as you’d assume. This year I came in stoked and fresh…ish. Stoked for sure. It turned out pretty damn well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.21.04 PM

So the race started later than anticipated thanks to some crazy torrential downpour. And a single clap of thunder. Rev3 did the smart thing in pushing the start back and reducing all the swim distances to the Olympic course, then shot all the waves off in rapid succession. I came out 17th OA and 15th male at the end of the swim. Had I not forgotten my FOGGIES, I could have cut a bit off that thanks to being able to see. Last year I came out [for the half distance] in 32:40, a 1:57/100y average. Remember, I had mono… I came out this year in 24:32, 1:42/100y pace.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.22.17 PMT1, which is in a different location that T2, went well, and off we went to the bike. And the first two miles up hill. Seriously. 14.55 mph average there. 2:47:23 for the whole bike leg, a solid improvement over the year before (3:24:13) even with the weather. Plus, look at how much better my position is!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.22.33 PM

T2 was…interesting. I had a visitor as I ran out, and then, for basically every picture taken after that, was smiling. Curious. But back to the race… a 1:34:41 half, much quicker than the 2:06:09 I jogged to last year. AND…a mere two weeks post another 70.3 that netted me a ~22 minute 70.3 PR.

IMG_2191 IMG_7781 IMG_6963

4:48:42, for a 12th OA and 2nd AG. IMG_4194

Next stop is Rev3 Florida!! My season-ender. And 70.3 number three in six weeks. Yeah; because that’s how I roll. There’s been some recovery since then, including running into this just up the street from my place!!

"Holy Flashbacks Batman!! It's like we've been transported back to 1966!!" *SLAP* "Shut up Dick..."
“Holy Flashbacks Batman!! It’s like we’ve been transported back to 1966!!”
“Shut up Dick…”

And then what to do in my off-season? I haven’t decided yet, but I may get into cross solely to be able to wear this:10612922_10102937736669200_6685850095776092091_n

I mean come on…there’s a freakin’ secret unicorn on there!!IMG_8487

OH!!!! OOOOOOOOH!!! Don’t forget about Challenge and Rev3’s new partnership. GO check out Challenge’s Facebook page, and be sure to be sitting at your keyboard on November 3rd when registration for Challenge Maine, Cedar Point, and Poconos open with crazy early-bird pricing!!

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