Why Challenge NEEDS to be on your 2015 Schedule…


Unless you’ve been on a greatly extended vacation from all things triathlon in a very deserted location, you know that Challenge and Rev3 are now one. When you have two companies who share a similar vision, both with such fantastic reputations come together, you know great things are coming. A lot of those things were made public today!! Here’s a link to the press release if you missed it. And if you want a bulleted list of all the reasons you and your friends and your club and your dog and…here’s why everyone needs to put Challenge on their 2015 race schedule:

  • Club Challenge
    • What’s that? Only a way to win $$$ for your club AND an entry to the world famous Challenge Roth!!
  • BOGO 1/2 off at Knoxville
  • Pro races with pro prize purses
  • They have events ALL OVER THE AMERICAS
  • Early Bird are the best pricing, but, you can always use code JOSHTRI15 at checkout for a discount. Use it during Early Bird pricing and you’ll get special swag at packet pick-up.
  • On top of the olympic, half, and full distance races, we have Rev3 Rush (a draft-legal race) to make sure you stay on your toes. Racing draft-legal format is definitely a bucket list item for triathletes.

My 2015 race schedule is made, and packed with these races. I expect to see y’all out there too.

Penny for your thoughts...

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